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Codetech assists the Software Companies with Co-development service and translates their product vision and technology leadership into functionality and features that bring value to end customers.

In addition to cost savings in excess of 50% compared to traditional European based development, our offshore development provides very competitive advantages in terms of improved resource scalability, decreased time-to-market, and increased quality.

At Codetech, we are caretakers of the client`s intellectual property, proprietary software & new development specifications. Clients retain full ownership of all intellectual property rights & software source code at the end of any outsourced project. We are your development partners & are fully focused in getting your project done Quickly, Efficiently & Effectively.


Codetech’s delivery model helps you add value while using resources more effectively. We bring together our best talent from the right mix of onshore, nearshore and offshore locations and work with you as a cohesive team. This mix enables us to deliver the optimal result for your business needs.

We succeed by ensuring your success, with every Outsourced project we strive to provide you :

Cost reduction: Save substantially on IT costs and improve your bottom line

Innovation:Free your energies from IT and focus on core competencies to innovate and transform your business.

Competitive advantage:Stay ahead of the curve with solutions that employ the latest technology to improve quality in delivery.

Growth: Implement solutions that increase productivity and help you expand your business.